Best shoes for travel


Are you looking for shoes for your next travel? Are you going South and looking for some light sandals? I spent three weeks in Sri Lanka and South India and was wearing only clogs.

I took off my other shoes and socks at the first moment I landed in India, put them to the bottom of my backpack and didn’t need anything else except my lovely clogs.
This is probably the most attractive feature of the clogs (mainly known as Crocs, because it adds to the comfort and makes you feel like you’re walking on air. By far the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. These shoes are very comfortable and well suited for the hot, sticky, sandy climate. The air flows well through the vents and offers a unique feel of cool comfort.
You can get a little bit dirty because the holes allow all sorts of debris into the sandal while you’re walking, such as sand and rain water, but who cares about it?  Somebody who afraid to get dirty shouldn’t go to such places like India or other South East Asia countries in the first place.
I honestly recommend to try one. You don’t need to buy clogs made by Crocs as it can be pricey. Depending on size it can cost about $US15-30. I bought mine on the trip to Nepal in Kathmandu. It was noname, made locally and cost only $US 2 or 3  and they lasted for more then two years. I took my clogs to the hiking trip and every night it was like heaven for the feet after I was taking off my hiking shoes and putting on the clogs at guest house.


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