House of Glockenspiel in Bremen, Germany

You probably read or watched movie about famous musicians of Bremen. There is even a bronze statue erected depicting these musicians. You won’t hear them playing, but you can visit another interesting place not far from this statue.
At Böttcherstraße (one of the major tourist attractions of Bremennext) to the Roselius Haus there is House of Glockenspiel. In German glockenspiel means carillon. Back in 1934 glockenspiel made of Meißener porcelain was installed between the gables and glockenspiel chimes each day at 12,15 and 18 hours or once an hour between midday and 18(6pm) from May to December.

There are ten wooden panels which illustrates the history of transatlantic navigation and flight, demonstrating pioneer spirit, but it is hard to see it in this video as it was too dark.