My name is Vi [Vilmantas] and I am from small Eastern European country – Lithuania, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see an Eastern European accent in my English writing 🙂

A lot of people are asking me for advice where to travel, what to see, what things they can do in different countries, so I decided start this blog to share my travel experience. I try to post short tips, suggest some itineraries, routes, hiking/tramping trails, recommend places to stay and etc. Somebody may be already had noticed a lot of posts about whale watching. I just love these animals and always check possibility to see them in places I am traveling. In future I probably will open new blog dedicated only to these creatures.

Some background

I don’t remember my first trip, but I was traveling with my parents from early childhood and can’t stop doing it. If I could I would spend at least a year in each country in the world and explore that country slowly. Unfortunately the life is too short for that. So far I lived (besides my native country) in Macedonia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, I was volunteering in South Africa and in total I visited 54 countries. It sound a lot, but there are so much gray area which I would love to visit when I look at the map.

Map of visited countries
54 visited countries on the map

Last week by curiosity I entered all my flights details on flightmemory.com and I couldn’t believe the results I saw. I already flew almost 500 000 kilometers (~300 000 miles). It is more then 12 times Earth circumnavigation. I probably could visit all countries in the world long time ago, as Lee Abbamonte did, but it probably won’t happen any time soon, because I don’t want just step on the land and count it as a visit. It means I will keep my blog updated for years to come 🙂 I hope you find it helpful and enjoy it.

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