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  • Best shoes for travel

    Best shoes for travel

    What are best travel shoes? You don’t need expensive shows/sandals if you are going to countries with worm climate like South Asia.

  • Travel accessories. Travel sheet

    Have you a travel sheet in you bag or backpack? You should have one.  Travel sheet is an extremely lightweight and roomy sleep sack or sleeping bag liner.  It adds warmth and  keep your sleeping bag clean. Thought it is called sleeping bag liner travelers can use it in hostel or hotel beds were their…

  • Travel checklist. Did you pack everything?

    I am getting ready for another trip and thought will share with travel checklist. Although it short list for short trip, but hopefully it will be useful for others too: * Camera, lenses, spare batteries * Small first aid kit * Maps, guide books, phrase books * Money belt * International phone card * Alarm…