Where to see koalas in the wild in Australia

I love animals, like to watch them, but not in the zoo. I prefer to see wild animals in the wild. Of course not everything you can see in the wild, as sometimes it is not so easy to find them. But if there is possibility to do it I’ll do it. It is not so hard to spot kangaroos or wallabies in Australia.

Koalas are not so widely populated as kangaroos and it needs more effort to see them. Closest place to Sydney I found was The Jean Shaw Reserve at Hawks Nest. I wasn’t lucky when I was visiting that place in hope to see koalas and locals were smiling asked about were I can find these animals. I understood I can’t expect to see them hanging on any tree in the town.

Next place I hear is good for koalas spotting is in Victoria on Great Ocean Road.  It is called as one of the best places in Australia to see koalas in the wild.

Koala at Great Ocean Road, Australia

Koala in Australia

You may be will need turn into Grey River Road in Kennet River in case you won’t be able to spot koala on Great Ocean Road. But first you should check the place on the right in this map:

View Koalas in Australia in a larger map

There is parking on the side of the road (switch to satellite view and you’ll see cars parked there).  Scroll along the road and may be you will see the same koala pictured in the above picture. When I was there I could spot 5-6 koalas eating, sleeping on trees.

For the best chance of seeing some koalas, stay overnight at Bimbi Park. The park is about an hour away from the 12 Apostles, making it the perfect place to sleep after making the drive from Melbourne to see this natural wonder.

koala on the ground in Bimbi park, Victoria, Australia

koala on the ground in Bimbi park, Victoria, Australia

At Bimbi Park, the koalas will come right up to your tent or cabin, making it one of the best places to see these animals up close and personal.