5 Reasons to Choose P&O Cruises

Guest post by Terrance Richardson

Potential cruise passengers might have a tough time deciding which company truly offers the most affordable, most luxurious or most enjoyable cruise ships. With so many options it can become overwhelming to make the ultimate selection. P&O Cruises is a British company that has earned a reputation for providing passengers with unparalleled luxury, welcoming accommodation, exciting destinations and on board amenities to please each traveller. If you are planning a cruise holiday in the future, here are five reasons to consider P&O Cruises in 2012:

cruise ship Ventura
cruise ship Ventura

1. Luxury Accommodations: One of the biggest reasons that P&O Cruises is consistently ranked as one of the top cruise lines is because of the luxury cabins and suites on offer for passengers. The air conditioned rooms are private, inviting and outfitted with truly luxurious furniture and bedding. Choose from a range of sizes to meet your needs as well as your budget.

2. British Atmosphere: Many cruise liners cater primarily to an American audience. P&O Cruises targets the discerning British traveller who wants to enjoy all the comforts of home while exploring exotic destinations. This might be as simple as a perfectly brewed mid-morning cup of a tea or a full English breakfast fry-up at the buffet restaurants on board.

3. Extensive List of Destinations: P&O Cruises offers hundreds of unique destinations for travellers to choose from. Many passengers opt to tour the ancient cities along the Mediterranean Sea like Venice, Athens and Istanbul for a dose of culture and heritage. Others prefer to head off to exotic locations like Hong Kong, Dubai or Rio de Janeiro to experience new languages, cultures and continents. Also increasingly popular are Caribbean cruises that sail from island nation to island nation throughout the area and offer beautiful beaches, tropical climates and stunning scenery along the way.

4. Incredible Nightly Entertainment: The fun on board a P&O Cruise won’t stop just because the sun goes down. Each night there are dozens of different ways that passengers can choose to spend their time. Each ship has themed nightclubs, superb dining options, film premieres, gambling in the on board casinos, live music, quiz nights, theatre and musical performances and more. More casual evenings can be spent at the on board bars and lounges sipping intimate drinks with your partner or enjoying a live sports match with new friends.

5. Family-Friendly Ships: The cruise ships operated by P&O Cruises are specifically designed with the entire family in mind. Parents will love the special tea created for children each night before the main service when young children can dine on fish fingers, salads, pizzas and sandwiches so that parents can enjoy formal dinners alone. The Reef is a special program for children ages two through seventeen that includes age appropriate activities to entertain and educate those on board.


6 responses to “5 Reasons to Choose P&O Cruises”

  1. Steven Papas Avatar
    Steven Papas

    That does sound pretty great but what is the price tag on a average cruise. I have found that cruises are usually not as expensive as I had always thought they were.

  2. tinafreysd Avatar

    Some people say that the best part of their cruise vacation is the ship itself and not the destination at all. If you book the right cruise for you, you’ll be able enjoy all the fun and relaxation that you can get on your cruise ship.

  3. @Tina, I think the same, because you spend most of the time on ship except some short daily trip, so it is important to choose right cruise ship for you.

    @Steven, the prices getting more affordable and besides there are two/three nights or even one night cruises if somebody just want to try how it feels to be on such big ship.

  4. Rebecca Avatar

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