Best Christmas projections

I wanted to call this post – the best Christmas projections in the world, but I didn’t travel to all places in the world yet. I am sure I did miss some great shows, so here are just couple places which you really would love to see.

These are not light shows.  A lot of cities are lighten during Christmas time, but only some have still or video projections. Here is short list where it can be seen.

Christmas projections in Sydney, Australia

I am not sure when these projections started in Sydney but personally I saw it 5 years ago for the first time. Projections were amazing and I don’t remember how many nights I spend watching it during that month. It looks so naturally and it seams like building painting but not a projection. Projection pattern changes during the night and here is pictured only one of them.

Town Hall
Sydney Town Hall during Christmas, 2008

Town hall is major building during Christmas projections in Sydney, but other buildings also can be lighted. It varies from year to year. Bellow are Hyde Park Barracks, St James Church, Sydney Conservatorium of Music lighted during Christmas

Hyde Park Barracks
Hyde Park Barracks during Christmas in Sydney, Australia, 2008
St James Church
St James Church during Christmas in Sydney, Australia, 2009
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Sydney Conservatorium of Music during Christmas in Sydney, Australia, 2009

This year (2013)  projections should be on two sides of Sydney Town Hall – an usual projection on George street facade and new digital animation should be shown on the side in Sydney Square.

3D Christmas projection in Vilnius, Lithuania

Sydney is introducing video projection this year meanwhile in Vilnius (Lithuania) it was done two years ago in 2011. It was called 4D projection because besides visual 3D projection you could smell some scent during the show. Watch this 10 minutes long tale on the walls of city’s cathedral

In 2012 it was introduced interactive 3D Santa Claus which was talking to public. Children were a little bit shy during the first shows, but at the end Santa didn’t have enough time to answer all questions he was getting. This is record of one of the first sessions. Unfortunately there is no translation from Lithuanian to English, but you can get the idea what was happening there:

Projections in Melbourne, Australia

In 2011 Christmas light projection was at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, but in 2012 location was changed to City Hall:

I think State Library was better location without trams in front of building, but this year projections are shown on Town Hall walls again.

Projections in other cities

I would like to hear if anybody knows interesting Christmas projections in other cities. Please post it in comment and enjoy Christmas time!



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