Travel essentials. Compression Sacs

What is compression sac? You probably know vacuum-seal storage bags which are very handful to save some storage space in wardrobe and which would be useful create extra room in a suitcase, but do you always have easy access to the vacuum cleaner to remove excess air from the bag? Only recently I found out about compression sacs which don’t require any vacuum cleaner. Check this video to see how it works

Isn’t it cool? It is not such effective as compression sacs, but it would be very useful  if you are on long term (Round The World) backpacking trip and need clothes for all kind of weather. This sacs won’t help much to compress t-shirt, but sweaters  or jackets  will take less space within it.  You can buy such sacs at It cost only 10-15$US depending on size. But be careful to check size first before buying any of these bags as larger ones may not fit inside your backpack, so should choose it depending on size of backpack.


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  1. I purchased a few of these a couple of months ago and used them for my last vacation. They are very handy indeed. Easy to use and save a lot of space. Very affordable, as well.

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