Dabbling in rental accommodation when on restricted budget

Guest post by Matt Bednall

Depending on whether we are going on an extended vacation country hopping or just travelling to a destination for a week, we always have some kind of restricted budget on our minds. A lot of the time, we like to hope that we can adhere to our spending but sometimes we either max out our credit card or find ourselves miserable, skipping meals, ordering water and counting our pennies on a counter making sure we don’t go over the ‘daily limit’.

But like everything, it takes practice to know the ‘tricks of the travel trade’. For those experienced with holiday travel, they have found secret short-cuts which help them make their travelling experiences more enjoyable whilst saving money at the same time. Funnily enough, these tips are not as difficult as you may think. Some could even say such tricks can enhance the trip!

private bed and breakfast

You may have noticed that accommodation can cost more than a flight ticket these days. A lot of businesses have realised this by creating websites dedicated to private bed and breakfast or apartment listings for holiday makers to rent. And the outcome has been really positive. The process is a lot more simple than you think and can be proven with many people are switching to these cheaper sleeping alternatives due to the realization that they still have money in their bank to spend.

There are many great online sites which specialize in private bed and breakfast listings. With so many variables in the listings, one would think that it might be a bit too complicated. Why not just stay in a generic hotel room? Well, people can get that idea out of their heads, with private accommodation websites filled with photos and independent reviews and easy to use filters, making sure travellers know exactly what they are booking when browsing through listings. Surprisingly, you may not get as much detail from a hostel or hotel website, so functions like these are great. Also, the sense that you are in a real city apartment or home makes ones holiday destination a little bit more ‘authentic’ and in most cases, significantly cheaper.

For those of us who are on a restricted budget there are luckily avenues such as private accommodation websites, which make booking a great room much more easier than you thing. Now we all relax without staying in a place which is 5 times more expensive than the flight ticket!


2 responses to “Dabbling in rental accommodation when on restricted budget”

  1. Travel accommodation definitely costs more than the plane tickets! I also don’t think that you’ll need a fancy accommodation when you’re in a travel since you’re not going to stay there the whole time anyway.

  2. Nowadays it is much easier to find cheap plane tickets then cheap and good accommodation. Clean room with bed and shower are usually my only requirements as I don’t need anything fancy.

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