Exploring Waitan’s Top Attractions

Situated in the centre of Shanghai, Waitan is a riverfront district with a well-known walkway that was originally constructed in 1858. The neighbourhood is positioned next to the Huangpu River and is close to a large number of monuments, popular restaurants, extensive plazas, observatories and parks. The pathway is also near various historic structures, such as the China Merchants Bank Building, the Yangtze Insurance Building, Customs House, the Bank of Taiwan Building and the Shanghai Club.

Shanghai, China

Exploring Museums

When visiting Waitan, travellers can tour Shanghai Museum, which was created in 1952 and has approximately 120,000 items. The facility’s exhibits contain paintings, ceramics, statues and old furniture. Moreover, the museum has ancient seals and texts that feature calligraphy.

Visiting Historic Buildings and Plazas

Positioned in the southern part of Waitan, the Union Building was constructed in 1916 and has an architectural style that originated during the 15th century. The structure currently contains a sizeable shopping centre and the offices of several financial institutions.
Many travellers visit Chenyi Square, which is positioned next to the Peace Building, the Bank of China and the Yangtze Building. The square is also connected to the Waitan Sightseeing Tunnel, which contains a railway and a myriad of LED lights.
Constructed in 1907, the China Merchants Bank Building once contained a medical facility and currently attracts thousands of visitors every year. With more than 220 rooms, the building has an architectural style that was popular in the 15th century.

The Neighbourhood’s Transportation

The walkway is especially close to the Fuxing East Road Ferry Station and this hub’s boats regularly transport visitors to Yangpu, Baoshan, the Yangtze River and the Gongqing Forest Park. Additionally, more than 15 bus stations are situated in Waitan.

Exploring Parks

The district is especially close to Gucheng Park, which features several picturesque streams, sizeable gardens, historic monuments, well-kept walkways and gazebos. When exploring Waitan, guests may also visit the Golden Waterfront Garden in order to tour several structures that were built during the 18th century.

Night Time

Night time at the Bund is the perfect setting for a harbour stroll. As night descends upon this area a certain buzz emerges that seems to change the face of Shanghai. You will be surrounded by an ambience of brightly lit buildings and boats that emit their glow over the now quiet river. Many say the Bund is a “must see” at night, as it becomes another experience entirely.
Sunset is around 5pm so it is advised that you arrive around 4:30pm to experience both the day and night views. This will give you the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of Shanghai’s skyline during sunset.

Choosing a Hotel

If you want to stay at a luxury hotel that is within walking distance of Waitan, you should reserve a room at the Radisson Blu Shanghai New World. This picturesque tower contains a state-of-the-art spa, a well-equipped fitness centre, indoor pools and a sizeable business centre. Furthermore, the building’s uppermost part has a gourmet restaurant that rotates slowly and provides a majestic view of Waitan.


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