How to save on buying travel guides in Australia and New Zealand

borders discount

You probably already bought all travel guides you need if you going to Australia, New Zealand or other pacific Islands. But what if you need to buy additional guides during your trip? For some reasons most books in Australia or New Zealand are twice expensive then in US. For example Lonely Planet Australia cost 19$US, but you’ll find it for almost 50$AU(or 45$US by today currency exchange rate) in Australian book stores. I am not planning on going into details why it is such big difference, but I want to show you a way how to save on buying books in Australia or New Zealand. Only thing you need to do – subscribe to Borders Australia or Borders New Zealand news letters. Every week Borders sends some discount deals like in picture above. Sometime ago they were sending deals up to 50%, but didn’t see such discounts for awhile. In any case 30% savings it is still a good deal as I am sure you’ll find where to spend spear money.


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