Helpful links for travelers to Japan

Did you miss cherry blossom in Japan in the spring? Autumn is also beautiful season out there.

Here are some links to help you prepare for your trip to Japan:


JNTO Official Japan National Tourism Organization . You can get a lot of information, maps, small vocabularies from nearest office.
This is was main web site I used for preparation of my trip to Japan. There are a lot of useful information about various sightseeing places on the site. Also it has a forum, where you can get answers to all your questions.
Nipponia On this site it was events calendar grouped by month, but design was changed and it became difficult to find what you need.
Frommers You probably know this travel guide and it is not such different from other travel guides, but there is good forum on the site with lots of information.
One of most useful websites and you definitely will use it for independent trip to Japan. On it you’ll find the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan.
Japan Rail Pass If you already checked your route with Hyperdia and know how much it will cost your journey in Japan it may be worth to buy JR Pass to safe on your trips by train.
Hostels I used this site to book most of my accommodation as it lists not only hostels but also other cheap accommodation options.


Tokyo Tokyo official government site
Sony Building At the Sony Showroom you can try, touch, watch and listen the latest products from Sony. Admission is free and no reservations are required.
Mori Towers It is fifth tallest building in Tokyo. You can view the city from observation decks on the 52nd and 54th floors.
Shinjuku Gyoen It is one of most beautiful parks in Tokyo. You should visit it during cherry blossom in Spring or in Autumn when leaves changed their colors.


Hakone NP Hakone national park near Mount Fuji
Guest House Fuji-Hakone ir Moto-Hakone Guest House.


Kyoto Kyoto city website
Kotsu Kyoto public transport
Shokoku-ji Information about Ginkaku-ji, Kinkaku-ji temples


Nara Nara city website
Todai-ji Todai-ji temple


Himeji Castle Himeji castle website


Hiroshima Hiroshima city
“FLEX” Hotel very close to train station
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hiroshima Peace memorial museum
Miyajima Miyajima island near Hiroshima




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  1. Thanks a lot for that, I have copied everything to my notebook, I would love to go to Japan, I have been planning few times already but always sth else came up!

  2. Thanks for sharing links. I was planing to go Japan and these links are indeed very usefull for me.
    And yes the picture you have attached with this post is beautifull. ~ Tariq Mehmood

  3. oh wow. this is exactly what i need! Japan here i come! 😀

  4. Keandre Morris Avatar
    Keandre Morris

    There’s a lot of things to learn about Japan, specifically, the places, rules and other important matters. This will make travelers familiarize the country and learn the basics, or else you’ll get lost. Great info and heads up! These links are very helpful for first-timers like me.

  5. Will keep this bookmarked for my trip to Japan, don’t know when that is but its in a near future I think.

    1. I glad you found it helpful.

  6. GourmetGetaways Avatar

    I always love visiting Japan… this story makes me want to return soon.

  7. kingarthur Avatar

    Family we’re planning to visit Japan… And looking for blogs that will help us lessen the load and here I am in perfect guide!

  8. Thank you for posting these. I visited some of the sites and they are indeed helpful in providing more information for first time tourists in Japan.

  9. Thanks for sharing I love japan I am a japan fan

  10. BALFOUR Avatar

    Thanks for sharing links. I was planing to go Japan and these links are indeed very usefull for me.and really helpful you link for me and everyone dear…

  11. Thanks for this list. I have just booked my flight to Japan for the end of July and I really need this because Japan is more expensive. Thanks 🙂

  12. Ayesha - Traveleering Avatar
    Ayesha – Traveleering

    Japan is always one of my Dream destinations. I visited japan so many time and the links you shared are very useful for the travelers to japan. Such a great and useful blog.

  13. very helpful links . it is very helpful to me.

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