A Lanzarote holiday

Summer is almost here and there is nothing better than a Lanzarote holiday. And I mean it. A sweet hot destination loved by Brits, this small Canary Island is Britain’s beloved stop for holidays. You’ve all been to Ibiza, Barcelona and Valencia so this summer spice it up and go explore another Spanish owned land with the same customs and even more exciting things to do.

Here’s a few travel tips for a memorable Lanzarote holiday:

Where to stay

Depending on how you travel (solo, family, group of friends), there are cheap alternatives for everybody. If you look at one bedroom apartments you can pay about £150($230) per week and get two of your friends to go with you. It gets a bit crowded but it can’t get any cheaper.

Alternatively, if you’re in a big group it might be worth renting a villa which can go up to £200-250($310-385) per person. And for solo travellers there is always the beloved hostel which you can easily book on http://www.hostelbookers.com/.

Hostels always provide a good bed, good friends and a story to tell when you get back home.

Getting there

All main airports in the UK have flights to Lanzarote and booking with the low-budget airliners doesn’t make a difference when you’re only flying a couple of hours to the island. Remember that most will arrive at Arrecife (ACE) Airport which is locally known as Guacimeta.

Alternatively, you can book a holiday with the multitude of companies that offer packages for about £300($460) flights and accommodation included. It’s always worth a look at the LastMinute Lanzorote page for the latest offers. There’s also the likes of TravelSupermarket and Thomas Cook to consider as well. We all know them. Be picky and you’ll always find one that fits your needs and budget best.

With that out of the way, it’s time to think about transport. Of course there is always public transport on the island but there is no link between the airport and the island’s major resorts. So you can either get a car hire or book an airport shuttle – both of which will be at around the same price. While thinking about saving money you can easily pre-book your car hire in Lanzarote with Holiday Autos. They always give great prices and offers all the time by comparing prices across the board. Easy and cheap, who can say no to that?

Alternative fun

Nothing beats a Lanzarote holiday with diving, windsurfing, fishing, sailing or golf, you can find a daily activity that will fit everybody’s taste.

  • Go Karting San Bartolome
    We all love Go Karting! It always makes a fun day out and not just for the kids. It’s also very affordable. For a go at ‘Go Karting San Bartolome’, it’s around 10 Euros(£8/$13) or you can get a three ticket ride for 25 Euros (£21/$33). You’ll definitely want to give it – the size of the track alone gets your blood pumping. If you’re a beginner or you haven’t done this in a while, just go for the 200cc single engine Karts first and then change to 320cc. Safety first, so if your driving skills aren’t as good as Fernando Alonso’s, you might want to take it easy in the beginning.
  • Diving
    Everybody has diving on their travel bucket list and there’s few better places to strike that off than in Lanzarote. While diving, you can have a very close encounter with barracuda’s and angelsharks, explore underwater caves like the ‘Cathedral’ and adventure yourself around the coast to see the old ship wrecks. The Marine Park was created by sinking – yes, on purpose – several boats just off the coast at Puerto del Carmen. And if this didn’t make you open a new tab in your browser to start booking your holiday than maybe this picture of the reefs around the island will

    Scuba diving at Lanzarote
    Scuba diving at Lanzarote

    Don’t you just want to be that diver?

  • Windsurfing
    This island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which makes it a perfect spot for windsurfing. Starting with April the winds blow in your favour having even 6 Bft (Beaufort scale) while in winter it varies and goes to 5Bft. This basically means you’ll have the perfect condition to windsurf and enjoy the warm clear waters of Lanzarote.

In Costa Teguise you will find the beach for both beginner and freelance windsurfers alike. The beach of Las Cucharas is the most popular spot in Lanzarote known for suiting experts, freelancers and beginners on the same spot. As jetties shelter the beach it gives rookies a great practice area and the flat waters in the bay seduces freestylers on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you are a good windsurfer and you brought your own equipment, you will be extremely pleased in Lanzarote as the island is full of amazing surf spots. Good waves can be found in Jameos del Agua or Famara. These two really are for the pros as waves break in multiple sections over the volcanic reef. Don’t force yourself over these two if you’re not in the top of the windsurfing class.

A Lanzarote holiday is everything you could want from this summer. With warm and clear waters, reefs, volcanic spots and amazing beaches there is nothing left to do than go book you tickets, car hire and accommodation – time to start practising your water sports skills.


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