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Lend a Hand in Panama

Lend a Hand in Panama

Guest post by Molly Austin

The children and people of Central America need your help in building their community to its full potential! Join this progression into a better tomorrow by lending your hand to the people of Panama.
Volunteer your time in Panama to inspire and create a better future for the world.

Spread the goodness of human-kind by visiting Panama through volunteer opportunities. Panama is a great location to give a helping hand at orphanages, public schools, and elderly homes. There are also more opportunities to get involved at wildlife rescue centers as well as environmental organizations, to help preserve the ecosystems of Panama such as the sea turtles of the coast. Other options include volunteering focus in the medical field and pertain to health care. Habla Ya Panama is just one program which offers such volunteer opportunities that will have you working with the local community to improve the lives of others. Many programs offer education related projects that leave the volunteer the experience of a lifetime! The focus on literacy and the teaching of English give you a real time perspective of what it means to teach the world. You may just have the skills to offer the youngest generations of Panama an essential life skill. To learn a language spoken prevalently throughout the world.

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The particular company Habla Ya Panama works diligently with your topic areas of interest to help build the most suitable experience for its volunteers. I recommend going with your strengths and choosing a project that aligns with your passion. That way the hard work you put into the project will seem almost effortless, and you will be rewarded with knowing you have helped make better the lives of others. Your skills and personal talents may be perfect for the many volunteer projects in Panama. When you are not out volunteering with the people, Habla Ya Panama offers many eco-friendly adventure options that will enhance the experience. On these optional excursions you have the chance to meet the indigenous populations that remain in Central America. Tribes such as the Soloy in Chiriqui and Salt Creek in Bocas del Toro give visitors and inside glimpse into the local daily-life of past peoples who occupied this area.

The projects of Habla Ya Panama are located out of the cities of Boquete and Bocas del Toro. There is always someone who needs your help here in Panama, so the company is eager to hear your inquiries! The three main project areas are Childrens’ Volunteer Programs, Community Outreach Programs and the English Program which is free of charge! The Childrens’ Projects include the Amigos de Boquete which provides schools with malnourished children food, teaches music and reading and keeps children active with sports activities. The Community Outreach Projects includes sea-turtle conservation, caring for injured animals and recycling awareness. It also covers projects involving medical and healthcare related skills. Last the English Program teaches students in Panama how to speak and write the English language. These volunteer opportunities allow you to reach out to the communities in Panama, and also explore the sights on your own time. The company helps to provide money efficient means to experience Panama on a budget.

With your help, we can make the world a better place.

Molly Austin is a blogger outreach assistant and writer for an English travel company who specialise in Airport Parking. As well as reading, writing and obsessing about travelling, she loves to eat, is a self confessed geek and spends way too much time online, you can often find her on twitter @molly_austin1


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