Travel essentials. Paper travel soap

paper soap

Paper travel soap? What is that? Did you hear about such soap before? I also found about it only recently. Soap and paper? Hmm…I hadn’t used it yet myself, but it works by reviews I read. It should be fantastic item in the backpack. It is light to carry, there are no issue to bring it through security at airports, because it is just paper. It is very simple to use, as you just simply add water and you have a soap. I found only one issue with paper soap – you must touch it only with dry hands, as otherwise all sheets of paper soap can become wet. You don’t want this to happen (you can read more reviews here from buyers’ at amazon). Other then that paper travel soap is probably must to have item in any backpackers’ backpack.


2 responses to “Travel essentials. Paper travel soap”

  1. This is a dream come true for backpackers everywhere. I can see myself now, washing up in Brussels airport. Nice find.

  2. Yep, now there are so many opportunities to travel with very light backpack.

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