Places for panoramic view of Rome. Pincian Hill

Cities aren’t my favorite destinations during my travel, but if I am visiting some city I always looking for a place to see that city from above. On my recent trip to Rome I found couple places for perfect panoramic views of Rome. Today is post about Pincian Hill which is located in in the northeast quadrant of the historical center of Rome.

Rome, Piazza del Popolo

Actually you don’t need to climb to the top of hill to see very nice view of Piazza del Popolo with Obelisk Flamino in the middle of it. In the back you can see Vatican City with St. Peter”s Basilica.

Will be more.

10 responses to “Places for panoramic view of Rome. Pincian Hill”

  1. I`m not a fan of cities either, and always try and find a view of the city as well, like this one. Nice shot.

  2. I was able to view Rome’s panoramic view from the Janiculum.. What’s more exciting is the view after dark. I enjoyed taking pictures.

    Janna ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. BEAUTIFUL shot, there. I have been to Rome before, but I have never seen a view like this… Too focused on actual landmarks. I think next time I’m there I’ll definitely try to find it!


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