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  • Departure fee – most annoying thing in New Zealand

    Departure fee – most annoying thing in New Zealand

    UPDATE 2015 :  click here for latest update about departure tax  in New Zealand. The fee is scarped from most airports in New Zealand. In the last 3 years I have been on and off New Zealand for may be 10 times. I always had great time out there, but there is one thing which […]

  • Which travel insurance company to choose

    So be sure to read your travel insurance documents very carefully to see where you stand, and whether your insurer has a way out of covering your costs. You’ll also want to be clear on the exact process for making a claim, as this can differ from insurer to insurer. Travel insurance makes you feel […]

  • How much cost taxi from Kathmandu airport to city

    It won’t be problem get to your hotel or guest house from Kathmandu airport even if you didn’t arrange transfer, as there are plenty of taxis waiting for you. But how much does it cost? The first price you’ll hear will be about 1000 Nepalese rupees (NPR). It doesn’t sound much if convert that amount […]