Which travel insurance company to choose

So be sure to read your travel insurance documents very carefully
to see where you stand, and whether your insurer has a way out of covering your costs. You’ll also want to be clear on the exact process for making a claim, as this can differ from insurer to insurer.

Travel insurance makes you feel a little bit more comfortable on your trip. Especially on long one. But did you ever read full fine print of your travel insurance? Doesn’t matter you are covered by your credit card insurance or you are buying separate coverage in either case find a minute and read it.

Latest events related with eruption of volcano in Island shows you should be very careful with choosing travel insurer as some companies were deeming the event an ”unforeseen act of God” and refusing to cover  expenses.  But that is one of reason people are buying insurance – to get some help when something unexpected happens. Why would I need travel insurance otherwise?

So very carefully read your travel insurance policy, all exceptions and may be it is worth to pay couple $ more and get proper coverage in stead of getting cheapest available travel insurance policy which doesn’t cover so much as you would expect.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I often wonder if travelling insurance companies are too good to be true but it looks like you summed it all up. Very cool!

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