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  • Travel luggage scales

    Travel luggage scales

    These scales are very light, compact and accurate. It weighs in pounds or kilograms, very easy, very convenient to use and to carry.

  • Travel Essentials. Multi-Band (aka buff)

    Travel Essentials. Multi-Band (aka buff)

    Multi-band was one of my greatest discoveries in recent years. I am spending a lot of time outdoors so it is with me almost all the time. It doesn’t matter what you do – hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking – it can be helpful to you.

  • Travel Essentials.Permanent marker

    I can bet permanent marker was never on your travel check list. It wasn’t on mine either as usually I am traveling solo or only with couple friends. But in recent years I was on couple group tours and after these trips permanent marker become must to have. Why do you need it? Let’s say…

  • Travel Essentials. Sunglass Neck Strap

    Sunglass neck strap is small thing and it costs pennies, but is worth always to have one in your pocket. I am in to photography and always used to leave my sunglasses somewhere on the ground when taking pictures. Not one was broken because of that when myself or somebody else stepped on it.  It…

  • Have you done your vaccination on time?

    Have you done your vaccination on time?

    You started planning your next trip almost a year in advance. Bought you plane, rail and other tickets, booked accommodation in hotels/hostels, made list of places to visit and things to do on you trip. Your departure date quickly approaching.  Couple weeks before your trip you decided to check with travel doctor what kind of…

  • Do you need travel voltage converter

    Do you need travel voltage converter

    Are you looking for travel voltage converter? It can’t be you don’t need it at all. Check the label on the back of your gadget.