Top 10 European cities solo travelers must visit

Top 10 European cities solo travelers must visit

If you are planning to travel solo, there is one continent where one can discover more about themselves and the world around. It is none other than Europe where one can just venture out and embark on a solo vacation. Europe and its cities offer plenty of possibilities for solo travelers. European cities are the most beautiful and safe too. People are friendly, and the cities boast of a great tourist infrastructure.  One can enjoy their solo journey and come back with a great memorable experience.

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Here are the leading European cities that can be easily navigated alone. Pick any of them as they are a great place to start.

  1. Amsterdam
    Amsterdam is a great city to experience solo and enjoy a hassle free holiday. You can rent a car or a bicycle to enjoy the local scenery. Netherlands is bike friendly, and everyone speaks English. People are warm and helpful.
  2. Copenhagen
    Copenhagen is a famous Danish city that is very bike friendly. One can stay, eat, and drink around the city and explore some of the best cocktail bars.

    There are lots of spots to explore in and around the city and plenty of free museums in Copenhagen to visit.
  3. Berlin
    Berlin is just perfect for the solo travelers and is incredibly fun. Solo travelers like it as it is one of the cheaper capital cities that also offers a vibrant nightlife scene.

    East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall
    East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall

    One can enjoy good company and great food all the time!

  4. London
    London is one of the easiest cities to explore. This is one city where you can just jump into solo vacations here, even if you are a female.

    The London Eye
    The London Eye

    It is very simple and easy to travel the city. One can get to know other locals and travelers or wander around to see plenty of museums and historical sights.

  5. Paris
    Paris has always been a favorite city across the world.

    Place de la Concorde
    Place de la Concorde in Paris, France

    The captivating European city might be a bit of a challenge for solo travelers because of the language barrier. However, it is hard for the solo travelers to resist the captivating allure of the city that can’t be found elsewhere.

  6. Stockholm
    The Swedish capital with pedestrian-only roads, countless bridges and numerous islands is found to be dominated by solo travelers. There is a lot to see and do here in the city with most artistic subway stations and so much to see on its pedestrian-only roads.
  7. Dublin
    One can feel the jolly Irish spirit the minute they step in Dublin. This is one of the safest cities that make you feel like you are at home. No wonder it is a big hit with the solo travelers.
  8. Barcelona
    Barcelona has every element that every holidaymaker is looking for. This is a perfect city for a solo travel, who love exploring its sunny skies, enjoy the vibrant culture, and get to taste the excellent food.
  9. Helsinki
    When it comes to Finland, it is hard to find such an incredible country and destination. Helsinki and Lapland are like a winter wonderland for the solo travelers. Look forward to a great solo adventure while in Finland.
  10. Vienna
    If you love traveling solo and enjoy the freedom of being alone, then head straight for Vienna, the City of Music.

    Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
    Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

    It is time to get lost on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace or book a show at an opera house.








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  1. Europe is the awesome part of the world, there are many countries in best for visiting , thank you for sharing the post.

  2. Europe is the most number of the beautifull place all over the world.Tourism destinations in Europe are really interesting.Many European Countries have now been able to visit tourists.Thank you for share the nice place travel post.

  3. Deanna U Avatar

    I loved Paris and I think it’s a great city to explore solo! I want to visit Copenhagen and Barcelona.

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