Traffic in Tehran [video]

In my first post from trip to Iran I wrote about travel safety in Iran, but there is one thing you must be careful there while traveling in this country. It is traffic in the cities.

For travelers who traveled in South East Asian countries it won’t be big surprise, but for others it can be surprise to see such chaotic.

This is short video from the one junction in the center of Tehran.

There is no traffic lights on this junction, nobody controls traffic and it looks very chaotic at first sight, but it seams everybody knows what he is doing. In 10 days of my stay in Iran I didn’t see any accident thought everybody is driving faster comparing to India. How to cross the street is the only issue with such traffic and it takes couple days adjust to it. But as usually in such situations – do as locals do and you will be ok. Next week I will post how locals are crossing streets.


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