What NOT to do when you are preparing for your next trip


Strange question? What I am talking about when most people are looking for information what to do, what to pack before next trip? One of not to do things – don’t put too much information about you next trip – when, where, who – on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and etc. I am not surprised about insurance companies move to charge more social network users.
Take a look into your friends list on Facebook and honestly tell how much of whose people you now well and would trust to give them key from your house or apartment? How much personal information – home address, phone numbers – did you put into your profile and which is available to anyone without any access restrictions? It may looks I am too paranoiac about privacy, but do you write your name, phone number and other details on walls in your city? No? Why not and why you do it on internet where your information is visible by millions of people?
Of course I am not encourage to close your accounts and sit silent. No. You can get so much useful information on Facebook or using Twitter, just don’t share too many details about your trip as you never know who can use provided information.


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