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kiwi picking in New ZealandNOTE:  if you are looking for long term work visa or thinking about migration to New Zealand please visit official NZ immigration site.

New Zealand is far away country and it cost a lot to travel there and around. But you have some options to make some money there by doing some temp job.

Of course the best option is Working Holiday Visa (WHS). But this option is not applicable if you are older then 30 or your country doesn’t have any agreement with New Zealand about working holiday schema.

But there couple options even you are not eligible for working holiday visa.

    • First option is visa in RSE category. You should check Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) work category if you are still overseas and in the planning stage of your trip to New Zealand.  To get RSE category work permit you must have job offer from recognized employers. You should do some home work to contact those employers to get job offer. RSE  visa is limits your right to do  seasonal work in the horticulture and viticulture industries is planting, maintaining, harvesting, and packing crops in the horticulture and viticulture industries. So you should be willing to do such job and most importantly you should carefully read all conditions before applying to visa of this category.  If you approved to work under RSE category you will be granted an RSE limited visa. This means you cannot apply for a different type of visa while they are in New Zealand and cannot lodge an appeal if they stay in New Zealand beyond the expiry of their visa.
    • Another and probably the best option for travelers  is  visa in SSE category. SSE (Supplementary Seasonal Employment) work visas may only be granted to people who are in New Zealand, and will be granted for no longer than six months. But…Unfortunately there is always but. There are a limited number of places available for workers under the SSE category and your application cannot be approved if there are no remaining places when you apply. And because of the seasonal nature of positions in the horticulture and viticulture industries employers do not always have positions for all the SSE workers they have been approved for. Check NZ immigration site for latest information about available SSE position.
  • The last option is VOC. VOC (Variations of Conditions) visa allows visitors in New Zealand to undertake seasonal work for a short period (maximum 6 weeks).  Before you can apply for a variation of conditions under this category, the Ministry of Social Development must have declared a seasonal labour shortage. You can only work in region(s) where a labour shortage has been declared. At the moment there is no any shortage declared, but keep eye on VOC page for latest news.

To summarize all info

Visa category Where to apply Visa valid for Cons
RSE outside NZ  ??? You must have a job offer from an employer approved Immigration NZ
SSE inside NZ maximum 6 months There are a limited number of places available for workers under the SSE category
VCO inside NZ maximum 6 weeks Must have declared a seasonal labour shortage

For latest updates please check  official New Zealand Immigration site’s pages related to seasonal work in the horticulture and viticulture industries

Check this map about places where is job demand during season you want to visit New Zealand.


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