Photo equipment shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Going to Hong Kong? I bet that second thing in your mind after sign seeing is shopping. No? It is first thing you are thinking about? Probably nobody is leaving Hong Kong without visiting some shopping malls. I wasn’t different. One of my biggest hobbies is photography, so I definitely was planning to check some shops for bargains.

Well…it wasn’t everything so cheap as I expected. Main reason for that was very low US$ exchange rate at the time. May be you will be more lucky, but it is good to do your homework before heading shopping in HK: check prices, make list of shop you plan to visit.

There are a lot of information about shopping and bargaining in Hong Kong, but the best resources related to photo equipment shopping I found in this blog post: “Recommended-camera-shops-in-hong-kong“.

Don’t be misleaded by the post date. Originally posted 2 years ago it is regularly updated and owner of blog (Roland) very politely is answering to all questions. I am only guessing when this post will grow up to totally separate website.

Happy shopping in Hong Kong.