10 reasons to buy a travel insurance

I already wrote about the reasons you need travel insurance, but here are 10 more reasons if you wasn’t convinced about it yet.

  1. A culinary adventure in Pakistan brings you gastric problems, and you don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to convince somebody to attend you at the hospital, having holiday insurance saves you money and time.
  2. A terrorist act occurs at the airport. The airport is closed, all flights are canceled. Who will assist you until the airport operates again?
  3. Food poisoning during your mountain bike tour. When getting to your final destination, instead of arriving to the nice booked  hotel for a deserved rest, you must go to the hospital.
  4. In dangerous neighborhoods you are assaulted  – if you report it within 24 hours to the police, the insurance will also take care of you putting you in the best medical care.
  5. A shark bite puts you in hospital. You are scared and all you want to do is your parents coming to see you.

Click on this infographic provided by AVI International  for larger format to read other reasons:

10 reasons you need travel insurance
10 reasons you need travel insurance

Think about it if you still don’t have insurance during your travel


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