Australia travel planner

walkabout planner

Already for some time on TV is showed Australia tourism advertising campaign “Come walkabout”, but till today I didn’t know about website they created for trip planning. Until today I accidentally visited it and would like to share that link with you as it is really nice and informative web site. Although the routes are not very detailed described, but you can find main highlights in Australia and most importantly get idea about how much time you need to see at least part of this country. A lot of people overestimate and try to plan too many things for couple weeks visit without realizing how huge Australia is.

“Come walkabout planner” cover most of country, except I am missing Coral Coast (Exmouth, Monkey bay) in the West, but probably this gap also will be filled. You can download and print suggested routes with short destination descriptions. So check it before you next trip to Australia.


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