Don’t run in customs zone in airport


I am not surprised when officer at airport asks me for random(?) bag check. Usually I have big backpack, wearing not the cleanest clothes on after a long trip, so I can go directly to custom officer after collecting my checked luggage. But last time I was on short trip and had only small bag. Landed on Monday morning and was rushing to the office as I had some urgent job to do. Again I was stopped by custom officer. It didn’t took much time to check my small bag, but I asked him, why I was stopped and the answer was: “I saw you was moving very fast towards exist”. Lesson learned: don’t run in customs area, it won’t help you leave airport faster.


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  1. Yes, it happened to me once. But at passport control after landing. I was not in a hurry but I was impatient and I changed queues several times. I am sure they have cameras because when I went through customs they asked me to open all suitcases. Now I am just patient and very careful of what I do when I go through passport control and immigrations.
    Thanks for the advice

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