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Best translation tool for travelers

Best translation tool for travelers

BabylonI just got news letter about sale discount for this software and want to share it with you. It called Babylon.  I am using it for 5-6 (or maybe even more) years now and I am so happy with it.
You can find a lot of online dictionaries, but most travelers knows what there too many places where there are no cellular reception and usually in such remote places you are having problems with communication.
Babylon enables to translate words and expressions in 75 languages and you can use it everywhere because it has online and offline dictionaries.  Isn’t that great?
I am is still using version 5 on my laptop, but I think it is time to upgrade it myself.  Latest version has editions for most popular mobile phones iPhone, BlackBerry and phones with Android.

The best part. You can get 70% off using this link. It is not affiliate and I am not getting any commissions. It is just link from newsleter I got from Babylon with last sale for 2011 offer. If you go straight to you’ll 30% discount, but by pressing first link you’ll get 70% discount.


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