Christchurch struck by earthquake again

Christchurch. Earthquake. December. 2011
A car rests in a sink hole caused by liquefaction in the Christchurch suburb of Parklands after a series of earthquakes. Photo / Simon Baker

Actually it were two powerful earthquakes in Christchurch today. It happened less in a year from last large  earthquake in Christchurch on February 22 this year. In this video possible to see what was happening.

In case you are planning your travel to New Zealand, you should check what situation is in Christchurch area as it can be not safe to enter that area.

Check this map what is happening there right now.

For latest news and updates check live coverage of NZ earthquake on ABC News 24


3 responses to “Christchurch struck by earthquake again”

  1. Wow, it does not look nice!

  2. I doesn’t. But it is not the first time, so I hope they will recover quickly.

  3. Angel Collins Avatar
    Angel Collins

    That simply describe that the earthquake was so dangerous. I hope they could recover easily. That place is one of the most peaceful for me.

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