Flying into London for the Olympics?

Guest post by Craig Gilhooly

Any time on travels, there are always options for where to go, what airlines to fly and what cities and airports to fly into. There are many reasons as to why London is one of the best cities to fly into. Before you do, airport hotels are always worth considering when flying in and out of the capital, they can really make your journey less stressful.
Public transportation is another reason to pick London. Between the always there cabbies, the tube, trains, and buses, it is a simple matter to traverse the city without renting a car or partaking in the dangerous sport of hitch hiking. There are also shuttle services from to hotels or even to the public transportation hubs that are located within easy distance from the airport. The city is set up in such a way that between the Tube and walking, one can go just about anywhere.

The Torch lifts up to the Tyne Bridge by Ian @ Gosforth, on Flickr
The Torch lifts up to the Tyne Bridge by Ian @ Gosforth, on Flickr

Are you thinking of travelling over for the Olympics? Do! Don’t miss out on what is going to be an amazing atmosphere in an incredible place. The buzz has already started around London with the torch relay well underway. I for one, cannot wait until the Olympics get here, the infrastructure in place is remarkable and I know London will do the country proud. If your only thinking of coming over for a couple of days the airport hotels are a great choice, don’t have to drag the luggage too far and they have great links into the city, one of my personal favourites is the The Ramada Plaza at Gatwick with great links from the airport and a short train journey to the centre of the London. If you fancy staying a bit closer why not look for a bit of luxury and stay at the Crowne Plaza Heathrow jump on the tube and your in the centre of the action!
If variety is truly the spice of life, then add that to the reasons that you are going to fly into London. It is home to just about every variety of legal entertainment, restaurants and shopping imaginable. There are concerts of every genre from classical to indie to even the occasional folk. It isn’t surprising that it has been called the centre of the modern world by many. The performing arts are also widely represented in the city from Operas, to ballets, to any number of musicals or plays put on in the city. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy, it is simply a matter of finding your particular flavor.
There is also a rich history to the city that has been respectfully preserved and can still be visited. There are museums and galleries filled with artifacts and artistry. There are ancient buildings that have been conserved for future generations, not to mention the many parks and gardens that were designed centuries ago and still draw in quite a crowd.
The people are another reason to visit. Londoners are an interesting mix of urban, friendly, traditional and eclectic. Whether it’s a stranger in the street or your cabbie, they often have great recommendations and funny stories for you. The stereotype for Brits generally involves stiff upper lips and rudeness, but that is just a stereotype. Most travelers will find friendly faces and kind hearts.


5 responses to “Flying into London for the Olympics?”

  1. I would love to experience watching Olympics live. thanks for the tips provided here.

    1. I would love to do that too. Now I am thinking how to get there on time 🙂

  2. ecogreen4us Avatar

    Hmm it will be a nice event. I am planning to be there too. 🙂

  3. When I heard the Olympics would be in London, I told my sister I’d be there. Then things changed and I won’t be. It really would have been lovely, the athletes, the excitement, all of it. Ah well, I’ll just have to settle on watching it all on tv.

    1. I am going to London in a week and I am so excited 🙂

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