How to visit skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers

For most people visit skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur is on the top of list of things to do in Malaysia. Thought the view of the city is not the best from the bridge, but possibility of walking almost 200m above the ground attracts a lot of people.
Tickets for bridge visit are free, but if you want get one you must be there very early. I arrived to Petronas towers at 8:15, i.e. 15 minutes before tickets are starts issued and here what I found:

Queue for tickets to Petronas Twin Towers
Queue for tickets to Petronas Twin Towers

Some people were waiting from as early as 6am. Not sure I would sacrifice my sleep for it. But I was lucky and was one of the last persons allowed to stay in the queue. Amount of tickets are limited to about 1600 per day and all time divided in to 15 minutes slots. 40 people per slot.

Slots with tickets left for Petronas Twin Towers visit that day
Slots with tickets left for Petronas Twin Towers visit that day

The number shows how many tickets still available for that time slot. When you reach ticket officers you need to choose time you want to visit bridge – earlier you come, better or more convenient time you can get. So don’t make big other plans for the day you want to visit bridge, as the time slot you’ll get can ruin all plans.

Check official website of Petronas Twin Tower for any time/visit rules changes and don’t be upset in case you won’t get tickets. Go to Menara Tower which is located very closer to Petronas Twin Tower and allows you to see all city from observation deck.


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  1. How much 2ways transfer from KL to kampong Kuantan return 08 Jun for 5paxs?


  2. Sorry Jusy, I didn’t travel outside KL, so have no idea about transportation.

  3. if we avail the Private Tour package: KL petronas Twin TOwer , is there an assurance that we can get the ticket for skybridge?please advise

  4. sorry aileen, I don’t have any information about private tours.

  5. Haekal Edzra Avatar
    Haekal Edzra

    Effective 17 April 2012 Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge extend the time visit till 09.00pm

    Before : 09.00am – 07.00pm
    Now : 09.00am – 09.00pm

    All the procedure for the ticket still same “First Come First Serve Basis”

    Ticket Price:
    Adult : RM50 MYR
    Child : RM25 MYR (4-12 Years old)

  6. @Haekal Edzra, thank you for update. Do you need to pay for a visit to tower? Or is tip for you?

  7. Haekal Edzra Avatar
    Haekal Edzra


    You need to pay for the ticket.that is the price for the ticket, effective 01st December 2011. for more info you can visit official website for Pertonas Twin Towers Skybridge. And if you need assistance to get the ticket please visit my site by click my name.

  8. @Haekal Edzra, what is url of official site now? Can’t connect to any more.

  9. Haekal Edzra Avatar
    Haekal Edzra

    That’s the website. I think the system down or under maintenance

  10. It is loading now, but “Under construction. Coming soon”

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