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Dangerous animals in New Zealand

Most dangerous species in New Zealand

This week I read news about most dangerous animal in New Zealand at the moment – dolphin Moko, who became too intimidate with people in Gisborne.

It made me start thinking what was most dangerous creature I met during time I lived in New Zealand. I love New Zealand’s safe nature – no poison snakes or grizzlies in the woods, there are no deadly animals in New Zealand at all. But there are some not so friendly species and here is mine top 3 :

3. Kea – mountain parrot. It won’t hurt you (at least I didn’t hear any accidents), but need to be careful and not leave any bags unattended in the mountains. Bird can open your bag and take anything from it. In the above picture you can see kea checks my backpack. Also it is better not allow get too close to your car as it likes to rip rubber parts. It is funny to watch some bus drivers running around the bus and trying to keep keas away from it. You definitely will meet these birds in Southern Alps.

kea checks backpack
kea checks my backpack

2. Mosquitoes. Is anywhere in the world mosquitoes free place? In new Zealand they can be met anywhere.

1. Sandflies – probably most painful species in New Zealand. At least I didn’t see anything worse then it. It is so itchy. Somewhere I read they shouldn’t be active after sun set, but most bites I got then it was starting getting dark. Or may be it was time of day when I wasn’t moving enough? By maori legend the god Tu-te-raki-whanoa created sand fly to make people move and work instead of admire the beauty of Fiordland.

West coast of South Island is the worst. So be prepare for it.


5 responses to “Most dangerous species in New Zealand”

  1. ATravelAroundTheWorld Avatar

    Like you, I hate sun flies, during our RTW, we have been in New Zealand for three months; as you mentioned, it is the worst insect you could find there.
    Once a Kea stolen our chicken that was roasting in the BBQ; they are not shy animals lat all!

  2. John Smith Avatar
    John Smith

    dude it’s spelt Gisborne

  3. oh, thanks John. Corrected it.

  4. New Zealand is a beautiful place for travelling.Thanks for giving awareness of these dangerous species.

  5. Syeda Mehwish Avatar
    Syeda Mehwish

    I heard first time about sandlies and yes it would be in one of the dangerous species.I think the photo is of Kea.

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