Free wireless internet in Bangkok airport (BKK)

In Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport airport you can get voucher with login details for free access to SVB Wi-Fi hot spots. Unfortunately it is only 15 minutes long access. But. You can go closer to Qantas Business Lodge and there is free access to their network. Didn’t check other airlines lodges as I was happy with Qantas and was not so much thinking about another delayed flight.

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  1. There is this SSID: “THAInetwork” at gate D which is free and unlimited… no login or password required

  2. I am in the airport now and can confirm there is free wifi just above gate D3, and a charging spot as well. THAInetwork. I think its for the very very large business lounge below me. Strangely, the other Thai lounge was password protected. Hopefully this doesn’t disappear.

  3. I believe that it is poor economics for airports to charge for wifi service. The message it sends to travelers is one of small-mindedness. Cities worldwide that welcome travelers with such inexpensive perks such as free wifi, luggage carts, etc., send a message of ‘WELCOME’. We need to think BIGGER!

  4. I’m just right now at gate C and though i could connect to free wifi of airport internet doesn’t work. Only airthai wifi works.

    For french:
    Wifi gratuit aeroport avec air thai

  5. Hi there,

    Good to know that Suvarnabhumi Airport already gave a free wifi access. Having an access while waiting to go on board is important in order to let your friends know that you’re already on the way.


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