Not all window seats have windows

It happened awhile ago in Tonga – one of South Pacific countries. It was nice sunny morning and I was on my way to main island of this country. At check-in to my flight I asked for window seat as I wanted to enjoy scenery before leaving these islands. The girl said – “No problem” and I got my seat. The plane was very small. I don’t remember model, but it has only two seats in one row. That means every seat is window seat. So I shouldn’t even worry about asking for it. I checked seat number. It should be last row. I reached that row and…I am checking my boarding pass again and can’t believe I got only seat without window!

 "Window" seat, Vavau, Tonga
“Window” seat, Vavau, Tonga

In the back of plane was a cargo door without the window and I got that seat. All situation was hilarious as the seat next to me was empty and I moved there. But it was a lesson for me that not all window seats have windows 🙂


5 responses to “Not all window seats have windows”

  1. That is hilarious. They should have called this a wall seat.

  2. They should 🙂 But I don’t think girl at check-in even knew about such “window” 🙂

  3. Thats something you wouldn’t expect in a airplane 🙂 Luckily its was a short flight. I usually really enjoy looking outside while i’m flying, can’t imagine sitting there for 12hr flights…

  4. Even I am not afraid of that but it feels a little bit claustrophobic.

  5. Funny. That is exactly something that would happen to us – Ask for a window seat and get a wall. Lucky you had an open seat next to you. Like Tijmen said, I couldn’t imagine that seat on a 12 hour flight, lucky it was short and sweet.

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