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Subscribe for group deals at your travel destination

Subscribe for group deals at your travel destination

discount voucherMost of you probably have subscribed to one of local collective buyers group (aka Groupon or Social Living)  newsletter. But when you are planning a trip don’t forget to check deal web sites in you destination and subscribe to it. Thought Groupon or Social Living is most known such websites in US, but in some countries it is not such popular or there is no local website versions at all yet.
Let say  New Zealand always has something unique. For example eBay wasn’t able to establish in the New Zealand and there is local trade site. Not sure about Groupon success there, as it only prepares to come to NZ. So at the moment exists local group deal site – Daily Offer. The same story in Australia. There is no any global website in Australia and they have their own sites like Smartie or There are many more sites like this, but it is impossible to list all sites.  So even if you are subscriber to one of global collective buyers group newsletters  check local deal sites. Just go to any search engine (google, bing, etc) and search for “group deals YOUR DESTINATION”. Enter the name of your travel destination instead of YOUR DESTINATION and check the results of search query. You’ll spend only couple minutes, but wouldn’t it nice to save 50% on dinner near Sydney opera house or on your sky dive jump in New Zealand?


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