Weekly Travel Photo. Outback road in Western Australia

Last week it was Dampier Peninsula and today another picture from Western Australia.

Road to the Mount Augustus in Western Australia
Road to the Mount Augustus in Western Australia

I am in love with these colours out there – blue sky, red land and yellow bushes. This picture was taken on the way to my climb to Mount Augustus in the middle of Western Australia. Which literally means it is in the middle of nowhere. Mt. Augustus is less known rock in Australia and is overshadow by famous Uluru rock, thought Mt. Augustus is twice the size of Uluru and is much older.


13 responses to “Weekly Travel Photo. Outback road in Western Australia”

  1. Gorgeous photo! I love all the photos of Australia I see with the red rocks and the sky that’s always so blue – I must visit someday.

  2. Lisa, you’ll love it 🙂

  3. My home state, and I have yet to climb that rock!

  4. I agree, the colors are amazing!

  5. Oh, those colors are so rich. Your photo looks like a postcard. Hope you enjoyed the climb.

  6. I’ve only recently moved to Australia, and I hope to be able to head into the outback soon.

  7. @Denise, where about in Australia you settled down?
    @Nate, you definitely should do that. I love remoteness of that place.
    @InsideJourneys, yes, I did enjoy it.

  8. Oh yes, I love the colours of outback Australia, too.

  9. I’m with you, these colors are beautiful. Love the red!

  10. What a beautiful colors of Outback Australia.

  11. G’day Vi
    I have been over most of WA, yet you have seen somewhere I want to go one day, wildflower season would be nice. Where else did you go in WA

    1. Gumnut,

      Yes, wildflower season is fantastic there, but I visited WA only in fall and winter, so I didn’t see that. I drove almost all perimeter of WA along highway #1 from South to North and Goldfields Highway in the middle of WA

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