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Swimming with whale sharks in Australia: when, where and tour prices

Swimming with whale sharks in Australia

Do you like whale watching and want to see something even more excited?
It is time for you to step into water. This time I want to talk not about whale, but about biggest fish in the world – whale shark. I will show where and when you can see it.
What is whale shark
Best places for a swim with whale sharks in Australia
Best time for swimming with whale sharks
Whale shark tour prices in Australia
Can you scuba dive with whale sharks

Whale shark at Ningaloo reef, Exmouth, Australia
Whale shark at Ningaloo reef, Exmouth, Australia

What is whale shark

One of the first appearance on big screen of this fish was in documentary about Kon-Tiki expedition from South America to South Pacific. Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl. In his book about this expedition whale sharks were mentioned as sea monsters.  I can just imagine what they were thinking when they met this fish similar to shark and which can grow more then 10 meters long.  But despite its size, the whale shark does not pose significant danger to humans, feeding on plankton and small fish. Only thing people should be careful – unintentional blows from the shark’s large tail fin.

Check this video if you are wondering what is that whale shark and should you take a swimming with whale sharks tour.

Are you interested? This video shot in Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia, but one of the best places to swim with whale sharks is in Western Australia, Ningaloo reef.  It is not a cheap attraction, but is really worth it and you would love to go again and again.

Best places for a swim with whale sharks in Australia

I hope I didn’t scare you and you are ready to jump into water 🙂 Next question would be: where can you do it? There are couple places in the world you can do it. Occasionally whale sharks can be seen by scuba divers in Thailand, but nobody can promise you will see one. There are whale shark snorkeling tours in some Caribbean countries and also in Mozambique, but probably best place to swim these giants is Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.  At Ningaloo Reef tour operators use whale spotting planes and it makes big advantage comparing with other places in the world as it gives you more chances to see whale shark.

Best time for swimming with whale sharks in Australia

Whale shark season in Ningaloo Reef starts in April and last until July. The time frame can slightly vary each year. Whale sharks can come in late March and stay until August, so it is better to contact operator of your choice to check what is situation.  Thought all tour companies have very high rate of whale sharks spotting, but sometimes weather conditions are not the best to go out to the sea, so it is good to have couple spare days in case tour will be canceled on particular day. Make sure you have some sea sickens medicine to make sure you have good day out in the sea, as otherwise it can ruin your swim with whale sharks experience as it did happen with Jade.

Whale sharks tour prices in Australia

Most tour operators located in small town Exmouth and couple of whale sharks tour operators are in Coral Bay, 150km (100 miles) South of Exmouth.

Here is a list of whale shark tour operators in Exmouth (for tours in Coral Bay go to Coral Bay whale shark tours page) in alphabetic order:

All prices are in Australian dollar. Now most companies offer repeat tour voucher valid for the next three years. Before you could use that voucher only during current season in case you don’t see whale sharks on your first tour.

Tour Operator Adult Child Video/Photo No sightings policy
Exmouth Diving Centre $385  $245 Free pictures of tour In the unlikely event no whale shark is sighted on your tour we do offer repeat tour on any available spot within the next 3 years.
King’s Ningaloo Reef Tours $385 $270 $60  
Ningaloo Blue Dive $395 $255 $60 If you don’t see a Whale Shark go again for FREE!
Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim (previously Ningaloo  Dreaming) $390 $250 FREE video of your day In the very unlikely event you don’t see a whale shark on your tour, we will take you out again free of charge on the next available tour.  If you can’t make that, we’ll give you a voucher for a whale shark tour valid for the next three years.
Owns and operates own spotter plane. Offers a Best Price guarantee for your tour.
Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive $385 $255 $50 Second trip at no charge on the next available whale shark tour. Offers a non-transferable voucher valid for the next 2 years.
Ocean Eco Adventures $410 $275 FREE tour DVD Offers repeat voucher is valid for a three year period if they can not use it in that season. Ocean Eco Adventures is also conducting research on the Ningaloo Marine Park on every cruise that clients can get involved with.
Has own spotter plane.
Three Islands Whale Shark Dive $385 $265 FREE CD/DVD of photos from the day Free repeat tour on next available day or transferable repeat tour voucher valid for the current and following two seasons or downgrade to ‘observer’ and receive partial refund.

* there is no published prices for the current season yet.

Swim with whale sharks tour prices are very similar so probably main factor of choosing tour operator will be seat availability on preferred day. Or it depends where you are staying and do you want to do any additional activity. Because these tours are not very cheap read carefully refund sections as all companies have different policies. But most companies start offer voucher for another tour valid for three years in case of no sighting of whale sharks that day.

Also you can check some operators reviews on Tripadvisor. Personally I was on tours with Three Islands Whale Shark Dive (they had best price in Exmouth) and Ningaloo Reef Dive in Coral Bay. I was happy with service I got and can recommend both companies.

All prices are good on time of publishing of this post. I tried to contact each tour company for latest information, but please visit page of each tour operator for up to date prices as it can be changes done at the time you’ll read this post. Let me know if you find any incorrect or outdated information here.

Can you scuba dive with whale sharks

Unfortunately you can’t do it.  Occasionally in Thailand scuba divers can see whale sharks, but these are rare cases. The swimming with whale sharks tours is the best way to see these creatures and Australia is one of best place in the world to go on these tours.  So check tour prices above.

But if you still keen to dive with whale sharks you can do it in Atlanta aquarium which has diving with whale sharks program.




34 responses to “Swimming with whale sharks in Australia”

  1. Louis Carabini Avatar
    Louis Carabini

    ..Swimming with giant Whale sharks is a once in a life time experience you can enjoy off Western Australia. Ningaloo Whaleshark n Dive formerly Village Dive operates various dive and snorkel tours on the Ningaloo Reef including Whale Shark tours. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean growing to 18 m in length.

    1. Hi All,
      I visit the Ningaloo / Exmouth WA area every year, I have tried many of the whale shark operators with whale shark eco tours and hump back swims I particularly love, Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive as well and after checking all the prices, as of the 2020 season their prices are cheaper than other exmouth operators Another plus, they also offer underwater scooters for the Ningaloo Reef afternoon snorkels which no other ningaloo tour operator has for free the food they offer is totally amazing with local Exmouth prawns . Every-time we have gone we have swum with multiple whale-sharks.

  2. I just recently learned of the existence of whale sharks. I saw pictures of people swimming with them. I want to do it but I don’t know if I can overcome this immense nervousness I am feeling.

    1. Leslie Avatar

      Whale sharks are harmless, they eat by feeding the on plankton and small fish by swimming with their mouths open. They are gentle and do not bite. I am a grandma and will be 60 this year and have no qualms about diving or swimming with them. Plan to next year when I visit Australia!

      1. Leslie, you will have wonderful time. For how long you will be visiting Australia?

  3. Elena, what does make you fill nervous?

  4. Great info you have here, man! I’m not a big traveler, but hopefully sometime soon that can change. Just need to save up a bit of cash then watch out world, here I come!

  5. Very cool, but very nerve-racking at the same time. I would definitely try it though.

  6. Ana Clevinger Avatar
    Ana Clevinger

    Must be thrilling but I’m not sure I can do this. Maybe I can watch them from somewhere safe but not swim with them.

  7. Ana, you can see whale sharks in aquarium like the one in Atlanta, US. I think Georgia Aquarium at the moment is the largest aquarium in the world

  8. Wow, it’s very exciting to swim with sharks.Thanks for the post on it and sharing tour prices.

  9. I’m not a big traveler, but hopefully sometime soon that can change. Just need to save up a bit of cash then watch out world, here I come!

  10. Ella, it is better to start sooner then later, as if you postpone your travel to often it never will happen.

  11. Swimming with whale sharks is on my bucket list for sure. Got into scuba diving last year and now cannot wait to get back in the water and see some more amazing things. Thanks for the info links.

  12. What a great experience, I’ve always wanted to swim with whales (and sharks), swimming with whale-sharks is the best of both worlds surely? 🙂

    Nice photos there too.

  13. I am not sure it is the best of both worlds 🙂
    I did swim with sharks in Sydney and with humpback whales in Tonga, but it is very different experience. You need to try everything 🙂

  14. Chris @ Wyoming Rehab Centers Avatar
    Chris @ Wyoming Rehab Centers

    With the adventures and excitement that the tour offers, the price is just right. But I am not really that sure if I want to take the risk of swimming with the shark.

  15. Chris, shark whales are not the same as sharks. I would say they are more whales then sharks.

  16. Grace Sevilly Avatar
    Grace Sevilly

    Hmm..rates are not bad.. If I can get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim with these animals, then I’d say go for it!

  17. Grace, that’s right, you are not going to do it daily.

  18. oh my god so scary but a lifetime, experience. not all can do it 🙂
    great post

  19. i wish to experience this one day..i believe it will be exciting..thanks for sharing..

  20. looks like a lot of fun love to try that

  21. wow!! great fun…
    Must be thrilling but I’m not sure I can do this. Maybe I can watch them from somewhere safe but not swim with them.

  22. You can go scuba diving with whale sharks in Belize every June when they go there to feed. Belize and Honduras have the second largest reef in the world, next to the Great Barrier Reef of course. Lots of fantastic underwater wildlife there besides the whale sharks too.
    Happy travels! 🙂

  23. Forgot…you can also go snorkeling or scuba diving with whale sharks in the Philippines in Donsol. Other places offer this as well but they chum the waters so beware. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mindy and Ligeia for information. I haven’t been in Philippines and Belize yet. Are there special trips for scuba diving with whale sharks or you’ll see them in you are lucky only?

      1. From the village of Hopkins, Belize, they have whale shark scuba trips. From Donsol, they have snorkel trips and if you’re lucky, you can see some while scuba diving as well. I didn’t see any, but I saw two huge manta rays.

        1. ok, I’ll check it when I’ll decide to go there 🙂

  24. I think that would be great. Swimming with sharks. That is so interesting.

    1. Justin, whale sharks are not sharks.

  25. Antoinette Avatar

    That’s scary and I know that would be one of the greatest adventure in our life!

  26. Lombok Wander Avatar
    Lombok Wander

    It would be a nice experience to swim with Shark !

  27. Sounds good but scary at the same time. Still I had nice time reading this post.

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