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When NOT to go to Thailand

When NOT to go to Thailand

I had long trip during Xmas/NY time and to make it easier decided to stopover for a week in Thailand. From November through March is the best time to visit Thailand. It is less rain, not so hot. That also means more tourists, everything more expensive. So I didn’t expect to be alone there, but it was busier I anticipated. A lot of people are on holidays as me, so not much you can do about it. But if I could be more flexible I would avoid Xmas/New Year period. It is not just about crowd. Except you have booked all accommodation and flights/bus tickets in advance, it would be very time consuming to do it then you are in Thailand during this time. I had arrangements for the first half of my trip and later was planning to go depending on situation without strict schedule and list of places to visit. It is not best idea for short trip as even around Khao San Road in Bangkok it difficult to find room and need to wait until somebody (may be) will check out. Also I had problem finding transport back to Bangkok from Krabi as buses and planes were fully booked on the days I need it. So searching for accommodation and transport took quite a lot of time. I am sure it was just bad timing and not flexible schedule. So next time I will go to Thailand I’ll try to avoid this very busy Xmas/New Year period or at least book everything online. That would be more expensive but I think anybody would rather spend time on the beach instead of siting in internet cafe searching information or browsing in the town through travel agent shops.


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