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Top 5 travel destinations

Top 5 travel destinations

Book Depository announced most popular travel guides in 2011. It was interesting to read this list as you can see which countries were most popular among tourists last year. I was surprised by the list as the top place was taken USA. Here is full top 5:

As all travel guides on the list there published by Lonely Planet I checked LP site and found a little bit different list, but in the first place still was USA:

Lonely Planet USA, 2010
1. USA

Ok, lets go further as there are more big travel guide publishers and it is interesting to see their lists.
Here is Top 5 Rough Guide most popular destinations:

The Rough Guide to the USA, 2011
2. USA

And the last is DK Eyewitness Top 5 list:

I was having problems with DK Eyewitness best sellers, as they don’t have Top lists on their site, so checked best sellers in Travel Reference Guidebooks on Amazon. But because Amazon has regional web site it is difficult to see global best sellers list, as the list on will be different comparing to or So I think because I was checking is the reason why there is no USA on the list.

So the leaders this year (2011/2012) are USA, France, China. Surprisingly there is no any South American or African country.  Will be interesting to see changes next year.


5 responses to “Top 5 travel destinations”

  1. Suraj @Smartfatblogger Avatar
    Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

  2. Barbie @ Automotive Part Suppliers Avatar
    Barbie @ Automotive Part Suppliers

    Wow I love the article discussing some primary tourists spots in this universe. I personally, suggest that you guys travel in the Philippines. It’s one huge archipelago enough to satisfy your adventure desires.

  3. USA is still a top destination, I’m myself preparing a trip to see the National Parks of the west and I’m really looking foward to it.

    I personally recommend Spain, my country 😉

  4. @Josuah, I am sure your trip will be great. I love west US states.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop over the coming years. Which countries will become more popular?

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