Weekly Travel Photo. Happy Easter


Easter Egg decorated by hot mud
Easter Egg decorated by hot mud

It was couple years ago I was traveling in New Zealand. During Easter weekend I was visiting hot mud pool near Rotorua and because I didn’t have any decorated eggs for this occasion so decided to grab some mud from that pool and made my own decorations. That’s the result 🙂



11 responses to “Weekly Travel Photo. Happy Easter”

  1. Very nice. I think it doesn’t matter if we have no Easter egg but
    we remember the reason of this occasion.

  2. Wow thats really cool and creative. I love making an abstract version of a well known thing such as the decorated Easter egg. Great picture!

  3. Cool idea – I just added a pic into the widget thingy

  4. Great idea for an Easter Egg!

  5. Haha! First I thought it was chocolate 🙂

  6. I initially thought that it was chocolate as well – funny how we think Easter and our minds immediately go to chocolate!

  7. Quite creative… and it does look like chocolate.

  8. Eileen Ludwig Avatar
    Eileen Ludwig

    Looks like a labyrinth for great meditation

  9. Eileen, it is koru:
    I at least I tried to draw it 🙂

  10. I though this is a chocolate. Hahaha… This is awesome.

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