Weekly Travel Photo. Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert. Jordan
Wadi Rum Desert. Jordan

Probably for most people Petra comes first in mind if somebody mentions Jordan. Petra is very interesting place and it is worth to visit, but for me the most impressive place in Jordan was Wadi rum desert. It is such colorful and it is hard to believe the sand can have so many different shades.


6 responses to “Weekly Travel Photo. Wadi Rum desert in Jordan”

  1. Now that’s somewhere that is still on my to go to list tried twice – never quite got there!

  2. Syeda Mehwish Avatar
    Syeda Mehwish

    I first time saw Wadi-Rum photo and it looks quite captivating. Why it is famous? because of its beauty or history?

  3. Syeda, there is not much history, thought people lived there for ages and there are some rock paintings done by Nabateans, but mostly it is famous because of natural beauty.

  4. One of the best place to visit.Wish to go there
    one day.lovely place.

  5. Cool! Never heard of it before.

  6. Dick, now you can add it to “places to visit” list 🙂

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