Want to save on your next payment for flight ticket? Use POL


Was no any announcement about that. I didn’t read and didn’t hear about it although follow travel news regularly and I had noticed it only after I bought next my ticket. I did everything automatically and after pressed button to process with payment I saw something different on the screen. POLi. What is that? POLi is an online payment option you can use to safely pay for your flights directly from your bank account and some airlines based in Australia and New Zealand started use it on their online ticket booking systems.
What does this mean for you? You’ll save about $10 by using POLi instead of credit card. Yes, it is not much but how it is annoying after finding cheap airfare at last stage of payment to see price going up, isn’t it?
At the moment I found three airlines using this payment option:

POLi Virgin

POLi Jet Star

POLi Air New Zealand

The only catch I can see, you must have account in one of supported banks in Australia, New Zealand or UK. Here is list of supported banks.


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