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Last week I spend full day for selecting 7 super shots and today I want to join another competition – Capture the Colour Photo Contest by You need to publish photos that captures Blue, Green, Yellow, White or Red colours. But you can enter competition even if you don’t have photos for all 5 colours as each colour has it’s own judge and will be winner in each colour category. To win main prize you must publish photo for each colour. Category winner will get iPad 3 and overall winner will receive a £2,000 cash prize to spend on travelling. Entries must be submitted by 29th August 2012.

I suggest you to read judges’ thoughts before submitting your travel pictures:

Ken (blue): “I’d like to see some clever use of blue in a photo. While it is not obligatory, I’d like to get your take on the word blue, the colour blue, a splash of blue that captures the attention of the viewer or any other interesting non obvious way of using blue in a photo. Of course any of your favourite photos with blue in them will do just fine, but try to be original!”

Abi (green): “I’m looking for something unusual: an image from a place that makes me think of it in a whole new light. Show me something I’ve never seen before. Tell me about how the place relates to its people, their attitudes and their history. And make sure you had fun snapping it. Somehow, that always shows!”

Dave and Deb (yellow): “What I am looking for in the photos is a unique way for you to express the colours. Each colour should be an element of the photograph and not dominate the whole scene. I am looking for something beyond the clichés like a red sunset, blue sky or yellow flowers. For me originality will always take precedence over a pretty photograph.”

Christine (white): “I love photos that tell a story.  I want something that could have only been taken by you, in that moment, in that way.  I love it when a photo captures a place so well that even if I’ve been there before, I think to myself, wow, I have to go there.”

Daniel (red): “We see the world in beautiful colours, and in each photo, different colours compete to attract the eye. Colour in photography should be used not only to make an image pleasing, but to also direct the viewer to the main subject, grab his attention and tell a story. I especially like the use of complementary colours to create a harmonious balance in a shot.”

Here are my photos. Please click on image to see large picture.


I love scuba diving and the first thing in mind about blue colour was water. It is such amazing feeling of freedom underwater with all fish around you.

Scuba diving at Great Barrier reef in Australia
Scuba diving at Great Barrier reef in Australia


This photo is one of my favorite pictures from the trip to New Zealand. There is so much green colour in NZ. Especially on the west coast of South island because of rain. That part of New Zealand even has its own nick name – Wet Coast. I don’t think you need an explanation why it is called like that.

Rain forest at Fiordland in New Zealand
Rain forest at Fiordland in New Zealand


There is no much yellow in this photo, but that small yellow flower is so visible in the pink crowd. How did it get there? I never though the desert can be such colorfully beautiful. That is how looks Wadi Rum desert in Jordan in the spring.

Spring flowers at Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan
Spring flowers at Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan


What can be white? Snow, sugar,  clouds…But in Australia it is sand. These curvy dunes are located on the border between South and Western Australia near Eucla village.

White dunes near Eucla on the border between South and Western Australia
White dunes near Eucla on the border between South and Western Australia


This is one more picture from Australia. In most parts of Australia there is no 4 seasons and it is something special to see such colours there.

Autumn in Australia
Autumn in Australia

I hope you liked my pictures and I would like to nominate five other bloggers to join this contest:

Lila from
Nicole and Cameron from
Michael from
Linda from
Cathy from

Hope to see your pictures soon 🙂

P.S. Important note: you don’t need to be nominated to participate in this contest.


43 responses to “Capture the Colour”

  1. Love that sand dune shot. Beautiful in its simplicity!

    1. that’s right 🙂 thanks

  2. OMG I so love your shots!!!

    1. thank you, Alexandra, you also have great pictures, so join this contest 🙂

  3. So love your pics! I don’t think my photos qualify, they’re not so vivid.

    1. Aleah, if you won’t try you’ll never know about it 🙂

  4. These are absolutely GORGEOUS shots! I think I might give it a go as well 🙂

    Thanks for letting me know about it!

    1. Thanks Kit. It will be interesting to see your submission.

  5. Thanks for the info, Vi! These are absolutely gorgeous photos. I’m not sure mine qualifies for this contest. It looks like a fun post though. I love the white and green pictures. The white sand just doesn’t seem real.

    1. But that white dune is real. It is just difficult to capture white colour, because camera has difficulty to lock focus on pure white objects. I have more pictures from that place, but this one is my favorite.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially liked your “green” entry. Then I got to white. That one is special!

    1. thanks Debbie.

  7. thanks for the info to join,i’m not sure if i am really qualified to join the contest.

    1. Mhie, you don’t need any qualification, just select pictures and go for it.

  8. I love the green color! I feel calm seeing nature in full green. Great list! i enjoy it!

    1. thanks Becca

  9. My favorite one of yours is the yellow flower standing out in the middle of all those purple ones.

    Here are my 5 photos:

    Good luck =)

  10. I love that photo of blue… It looks as though the person is just falling deep into the water. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Abi

  11. Great shots indeed!! Nice, Fun contest.

    1. Thanks Arti.

  12. All gorgeous photos. So incredibly red, those autumn leaves. Love the sand dune as well: I’m always saying the Arctic and the desert have many similarities, both harsh and unforgiving landscapes, yet so beautiful. Would love to see these dunes. Really time to see more of Australia…

    1. You definitely will like Australia, though you need a lot of time to see it. It took three months to drive around Australia, but I still didn’t everything.

  13. Great work! I especially love the blue and yellow shots. We’ve been tagged a few times, so we’re posting our entry today.

    1. thanks Bret, will check your blog later today.

  14. I love the photo for the yellow entry.

    1. thank you Ele.

  15. Autumn colours are such a treat in Australia, but the blue and white image of the dunes is simply stunning… and the yellow flower all on its own soooo cute!
    Thanks so much for tagging me 🙂

  16. I also love the yellow flower photo. The contrast of the single yellow one amongst all the purple flowers is beautiful!

  17. Thanks for nominating me, Vi. Should be fun to put this together. Your selections are great — especially like the red leaves.

    1. Thank Cathy. It will be interesting to see your photos.

  18. Love the autumn leaves – good luck – photos are fabulous. Thanks also for dropping by to see my entries.

    1. thanks Francesca

  19. Wowsers. Your white shot is just amazing. It’s almost impossible to tell what it is.

    1. I probably will need to add more pictures of that place as people won’t believe it is natural 🙂

  20. Vi,
    Lovely, gorgeous photos ! I really liked the green, yellow and the red and you know why. 🙂

    And that white? My! looks like someone created it on his computer. Such a white! I’ve lived in Sydney, sand wasn’t this white. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nisha. I read somewhere that beaches in Jervis Bay (South of Sydney) have whitest sand in the world. Had you been there?

  21. Love the white sand dunes and blue sky image.

    The curving line and stark contrast between the colors of the sand and sky make for such a striking abstract image.

    Thanks for sharing …

  22. Credit Donkey Avatar
    Credit Donkey

    Hi Vi,
    What amazing photos! They are all beautiful but I agree there’s something about your white entry that’s just special.

    It looks so clean and peaceful. How wonderful to be able to see this in person.

    Good luck on your entries!

  23. Nice graphic pics.

  24. Great photos. Especially like the scuba.
    But howabout making things a bit more challenging. Purple? Black?

    1. May be Travelsupermarket will announce new challenge and will include these colours too 🙂

  25. We have a travel blog and I need to learn how to take pictures with vibrant colors like this. They are so gorgeous.

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