Departure fee – most annoying thing in New Zealand

exit fee New Zealand
UPDATE 2015click here for latest update about departure tax  in New Zealand. The fee is scarped from most airports in New Zealand.

In the last 3 years I have been on and off New Zealand for may be 10 times. I always had great time out there, but there is one thing which really annoys me every time I come to airport to catch my out bound flight from New Zealand. It is departure fee. For all international departures you need to pay departure tax (currently it is 25$NZ).
It looks a small charge comparing with amount of money you already spent in the country. That is the thing I can’t understand – they collect so much taxes from all tourist industry, as it is expensive country to travel, and it is still not enough and they just want to ruin all your wonderful experience about New Zealand. Small thing, but I am sure it will be remembered by most of tourists. Especially all whose long queues to pay that fee.

Gladly at least in Auckland airport you don’t need to pay this fee, but keep 25$NZ in you pocket if you are flying out from any other airport in New Zealand.