Weekly Travel Photo. Sydney Opera House

Just recently I found out about “the top 100 wonders of the world” – ranked by Howard Hillman. It is interesting website as you can find some many places you have never been yet. I decided to check my photo albums and to publish pictures of top places I already visited.

Sydney Opera House, Australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia

Surprisingly Sydney Opera House didn’t make top 100 or world wanders, but is definitely would be in my top 10 Australian wanders. May be I should start my own list 🙂
This photo was taken during Sydney Vivid festival when sales of Opera House a lighted in different colorful projections. It is one of must see event in Australia.


4 responses to “Weekly Travel Photo. Sydney Opera House”

  1. Lovely to see the Opera House lit up like this. Stunning shot.

    1. Thanks Kathryn.

  2. Amazing photo!

  3. Eurogurl Avatar

    one of the sights i wish to see in Australia..nice one!

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