Best new iPad for travellers 🙂

Did you see newest version of iPad, Xmas edition? (Turn on subtitles, as video is in German)

I would love to have one. Unfortunately it is only a joke, but wouldn’t be it nice to have one? You can sit on the wild beach. Nobody around you, but just turn on your iPad if you want some cold drink and you got one 🙂
Happy Christmas everyone 🙂


2 responses to “Best new iPad for travellers :)”

  1. Very cute – especially the gingerbread man. What really gets me is how the man with the burger seemed as though he was prepared to accept more or less anything was possible in the ‘new’ world of technology.

  2. techtrvlr Avatar

    This would be the best iPad ever. I already take mine on every trip but I wouldn’t go to the grocery store without this one! I don’t know if he used an app for all of that but it was great; if only I could get a magician like that to come to my parties. I take my iPad with me on long trips so I can use my magic app, the Remote Access app from my employer, DISH. I love it and my Sling adapter because with the two of them, I can watch live TV just like I would at home. I can even watch my recordings or set timers for new ones. It’s awesome and makes me feel at home no matter how far I really am.

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