How to continue to travel while at university

By Emily

If you are torn between traveling for a while and going to university, don’t be. There is no need to choose between the two. Advances in remote studying and the changing face of education means that it is perfectly feasible for you to do both.

However, you are going to face challenges. Some of which students who study in a more traditional way will not. But, with a bit of know-how and effort, you can travel and study for a degree at the same time.

Get into a good university

The first thing you need to do is to get into a good university that provides you with enough freedom to be able to travel. There are quite a few out there. But, spaces are limited, so you will need to stand out from the other applicants to be able to get in. One way you can do this is by producing a compelling and flawless personal statement. The easiest approach is to go to this site or one like it and use their personal statement editing service. It will cost money, but for most people, it is a worthwhile investment.

Set yourself up for success

Once you are in and know the content of your course, sit down and plan. Work out how much studying you will need to do at various stages. Ideally, you do not want to be moving from place to place or doing seasonal work at key points in your course. You need to identify the busiest months and plan your travels accordingly.

student using laptop in bedroom

Get yourself a decent laptop and buy or download the software and apps you will need to help you with your studies. Use reviews like this to decide which one to buy. Make sure you have a mobile phone deal that gives you access to plenty of affordable data in the countries you are planning to travel to.

Plan to take advantage of student discounts

As a student, you will potentially be entitled to all kinds of discounts. That includes access to special deals on things like travel and accommodation.

Find out about study abroad schemes

Sometimes it is possible to apply for one of the special schemes that enable people to study abroad without having to pay high fees. This site will help you to find out about many of them.

Stay organized

If you want to succeed, you need to prioritize your studies and plan around them. Doing that will ensure that you put enough time aside to be able to get everything you need done.

Be disciplined

Even with good planning, you will need to take a disciplined approach to your life. When you are traveling alone staying accountable can be difficult. So, it may be a good idea to pair up with a couple of students that are also combining travel with studying. Doing this will enable you to encourage each other and make suggestions about how to overcome some of the fairly unique challenges you are going to be facing.

About The Author : Emily is a UK based blogger with a passion for travel and lifestyle. When she’s not off traveling and discovering all the world has to offer, you’ll find her keeping a close eye out for all the latest styles and trends coming around the corner.


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  1. Siddhartha Rathore Avatar
    Siddhartha Rathore

    Traveling while at university is possible with the right balance. Your tips are valuable, and I appreciate the advice on managing studies and wanderlust. Thanks for the guidance!

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