Key Summit trail. Short trails in New Zealand

Not far from Lake Marian track there is another short walk to Key Summit Track, which leads to very nice peak with 360 degree view.

View from Key Summit, Fiordland, New Zealand
View from Key Summit, Fiordland, New Zealand

The best time to walk there in my opinion is in afternoon as at that time sun very nice lightens Southern Alps.

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So if you are going Milford Sound cruise in the morning, on your way back stop in The Divide car park where trail starts. There also begins Routeburn Track, but after you pass beech forest Routeburn and Key Summit tracks will split. Track is well signed and there is no way to get lost there. It takes about 40-60 minutes one way to get to summit and I would grade it as easy walk comparing with Lake Marian track

Some more photos from Fiordland in New Zealand


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  1. travellyn Avatar

    that’s all handy to know. I’m planning a trip to New Zealand later this year and Milford Sound is on the list, so a trek nearby is handy to know about. Can’t wait to see the fiord land area.

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