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Taxi and tuk tuk prices in Agra, India

Taxi and tuk tuk prices in Agra, India

You will be met by crowd of drivers at Agra Cantonment railway station if you are coming on day trip to Agra by express train in the morning. Each of them are the best and you need to hire one of them by their words. Of course it is nothing wrong to hire driver from that crowd.

Taxi in India
Taxi in India

You just need to know how much you can negotiate. Though you’ll never get the same rate as locals, but you can try. Here is official pre-paid rate list for hiring taxi or tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) at Agra Cantonment railway station.

Rickshaw rates from Agra Cantonment railway station to:

 Taj Mahal, East Gate 100
 Taj Mahal, South Gate 80
 Taj Mahal, Western Gate (Purani Mandi road) 60
 Any five star hotel 100
 Agra Red Fort 80
 Full day Agra local (8 hours) 500
 Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Bazar and back (6 hours) 400
 Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Trupati Balaji Mandir, Bazar and back (5 hours) 300
 Agra Red Fort railway station 100
 Sadar Bazar, Idgah bus station 50
 Taj Mahal and back (2hours) 150
 Sikandra and back (2hours) 200
 Etmadulla (baby Taj), Mahtab Babh and back (4 hours) 300
 Sikandra 150
 Dayal Bagh and back (2 hours) 200
 I.S.B.T. bus stand 120

Additionally you need to pay 5 rupees pre-paid service charge.


Small cab rates from Agra Cantonment railway station to:

 Tah Mahal 150 200
 Fort station 175 225
 Any 5 star hotel 150 200
Jaypee Palace hotel 200 250
 Taj Mahal East Gate 200 250
 Sadar Bazar 70 100
 Full day Fatehpur Sikri and local Shatbdi to Shatabdi 1450 1850
 Half day Fatehpur Sikri 850 1075
 Full day local 8 hours 850 1075
 Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri (8 hours) 1250 1450
 Half day local (5 hours) 650 850
 Agra to Delhi 3000 3600
 Agra to Kaipur 3200 3750
 Agra to Bharatpur 1250 1650
 Agra to Mathura and Vrindavan 1550 2075
 Agra to Mathura 1050 1275
 Agra to Tundla 600 800
 Agra to Etha 1250 1550
 Agra to Manpuri 1550 1850
 Agra to Etawah 1550 1850
 Agra to Firozbad 950 1250
 Agra to Shikohabad 1050 1250
 Agra to Aligarh 1350 1650
 Agra to Hathras 900 1250


Big cab rates from Agra Cantonment railway station to:

 Tah Mahal 250 300
 Fort station 250 300
 Any 5 star hotel 250 300
 Jaypee Palace hotel 300 350
 Taj Mahal East Gate 300 350
 Half day Fatehpur Sikri 1250 1550
 Full day local 8 hours 1250 1650
 Full day local shat. to Shatabdi 2000 2500
 Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri 1600 2050
 Half day local 4 hours 950 1250
 Agra to Delhi 4000 4700
 Agra to Jaipur 4700 5650
 Agra to Mathura and Vrindavan 2000 2500
 Agra to Mathura 1450 1850
 Agra to Tundla 950 1250

Parking fees are extra.


8 responses to “Taxi and tuk tuk prices in Agra, India”

  1. Haha, it has always been a quest for me to try to get the local rate when i’m traveling in india. It happens sometimes but so very rarely. Good info though, I wonder how much it differs from a deal you could find on the street perhaps.

    1. You can get better rates if you are somewhere further from such places as railway station or Taj Mahal western gate where are a lot of tourists. I paid Rs950 for A/C from Taj Mahal (South gate) to Fatehpur Sikri and then to Agra Fort. Prepaid rate would be about Rs300-500 more. But these official rates a good to know before starting negotiation as it is maximum rate drivers can expect to get.

  2. Travelling by taxis costs from Rs 8 to 16 per km depending on the vehicle and the distance of your travel across India.

    This is a nice compilation though and can be very helpful to visitors making short trips to Agra.

    1. So you need to use google maps to measure the distance and then negotiate the price 🙂

  3. Laura Avatar

    Excellent information thanks for this. Do you mind if I link this on my website? It’s really useful.

    1. Laura, of course you can place a link on your website.

  4. anish varshney Avatar
    anish varshney

    share autos are available from agra cantt railway station to bijli ghar in 5rs. next to bijli gahr is agra fort. from agra fort to taj mahal share auto fare is 10rs.

  5. irfan khan Avatar
    irfan khan

    We are 11 people and want to visit Agra Taj mehel , Agra fort, and fathepur sikisikiri

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